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  LBC Bakery Equipment, Inc. is what you get when you couple over 100-years of experience in manufacturing marine and commercial foodservice equipment with innovative and creative baking solutions and world-class manufacturing.

LBC offers a complete Roll-in Rotating Rack Oven, Roll-in Rack Proofer or combination Retarder/Proofer system designed to prepare the highest-quality products and meet the production requirements of bakeries or foodservice operations everywhere.

The focus of most baking and foodservice businesses shifted to cost reduction, with emphasis on energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. LBC has lead in the area of energy cost reduction with the introduction of energy saving modifications to its gas rack ovens. Many of the nation’s gas utilities now offer rebates for users who purchase and install LBC rack ovens. To see a listing for all energy rebates click on this link, or contact your local LBC sales representative.

The LBC BakerSeries® System delivers the capacity, consistency, performance and convenience you demand, from preparing and baking artisan breads to roasting proteins and just about everything in-between. We strive continuously to improve your product and reduce your costs.

LBC, formerly known as “Lang Bakery Company,” is now a part of Sinmag Bakery Machine Corporation of Taiwan and is no longer affiliated with Lang Manufacturing Company, Star Manufacturing International Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. LBC continues to support rack ovens and proofers labeled “Lang”, with available parts and service information. LBC has used its experience in foodservice design and marketing to develop and sell high quality ovens and proofers. We continue to improve these products in performance, reliability and overall cost to own.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are confident that you will find our products and services meet or exceed your bakery or foodservice operation's demanding expectations.

About Sinmag: Sinmag Bakery Machine Corporation is the largest manufacturer of bakery machines in Asia, and has held a majority market share since 1995. Sinmag was founded in 1983 and focused most of its design efforts on dough preparation machines and deck ovens to fit the Asian market. Since then, the company has expanded its manufacturing to include a wide variety of equipment, show cases and bake ware. Sinmag is also a supplier of bakery ingredients to China and Taiwan.

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