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Our Roll-in Racks fit all LBC roll-in rack ovens and any other competitive models that use a “B” type lift. Available in 3” – 4” and 6” slide spacing, in side load, end load and double rack configurations. LRR Series racks are constructed of non-magnetic stainless steel and have an attractive annealed finish.  Caster axles are fitted into “rulon” sleeves to shorten lubrication frequency.  All racks ship knocked-down saving on freight charges. 

Key Features:
3 rack options: Single End Load, Single Side Load, Double End Load
18 gauge 300 series stainless steel
4" high temperature casters, rated 600°F, 500 lbs. each
Ships Knocked Down; assembly required
Designed for 18" x 26" pans, also holds 5-on bread strap pans
Single racks field convertible for use in single or double oven with a "B" style lift
Recommended Spacing:

Oven Racks should be sized to allow a minimum of 2" above the finished product Artisan Breads, Pan Breads and 4" foodservice pans use 6" spacing Baguettes, Muffins, Bagels, French Breads and 2-1/2" foodservice pans use 4" spacing Cookies, Sheet Cakes and all flat products use 3" spacing

BakerSeries® Single End Load Stainless Steel Rack
Model # LRR-1-18
Shipping Wt./Class 96+/70

Product Spec Sheet


BakerSeries® Single Side Load Stainless Steel Rack
Model # LRR-1-26
Shipping Wt./Class 96+/70

Product Spec Sheet


BakerSeries® Double Side Load Stainless Steel Rack
Model # LRR-2D-26
Shipping Wt./Class 120+/70

Product Spec Sheet


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