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Mini Rotating Rack Oven
The LMO Mini Rotating Rack Oven combines a small foot print with large performance. Slightly larger than standard convections ovens, the LMO fits under existing hoods and uses similar utility connections of the full size convection ovens, yet delivers baking and roasting performance of a full size rack oven.

For display baking, the LMO features a full glass, double-pane door, which gives a full view of your product to the customers. With the smaller foot print, it can fit behind a display case line-up to enhance the fresh-baked appeal of display baking.

For the demanding baker, performance is most important, and that’s why the LMO combines high steam production with even air-flow to yield baking results that match those of much larger and more expensive ovens.

In comparison to convection ovens, the LMO does not require the operator to rotate pans or “pull some early”. The LMO does not have “hot spots” like some deck ovens. The LMO is built to give even baking, in a small foot print and with more than half the throughput of a single rack oven.

Standard Features:
Heavy duty rotation system
Standard 6-pan rack
Stainless steel construction
Full-view glass door
Digital manual controller with 99 menu storage
Built-in steamer
Electric vent control
Tapered floor for ease of cleaning
Gas and Electric models
Full 1-year parts and labor warranty

Options and Accessories:
Oven stand with 12 pan racks
Proofer base
8-Pan oven rack
Multi-step computer controls

BakerSeries® Electric "Mini" Rotating Rack Oven
Model # LMO-E
Shipping Wt./Class 900/85

Product Spec Sheet

Requires two Electrical Connections one (1) 120 VAC Single Phase one (1) 208, 240 or 480 VAC Three Phase (Specify at time of order).


BakerSeries® Gas "Mini" Rotating Rack Oven
Model # LMO-G
Shipping Wt./Class 900/85

Product Spec Sheet

1/2" NPT Supply Line
90,000 BTU/HR

120 VAC 20 Amp Dedicated Circuit


BakerSeries® 2 Door Proofer Base
Model # LMO-P

Product Spec Sheet

Construction Features
Heavy duty stainless steel interior and exterior.
Walls and doors are foam insulated.
Rapid responding air-wash heat and humidity system.
120 VAC single phase NEMA 5-15 cord and plug.
4" Swivel casters, front casters locking

Pan Capacity
12 - 8"x26" pans


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